Products & Services

What We Do

With over $450 million of fixed income and equity capital under management, Columbus Advisors Group focuses on doing one thing well, investing. We are a performance driven Investment Company seeking capital raising events and activities. CAG provides liquidity in most sectors of the fixed income and equity markets. We are not brokers, lenders or underwriters; our expertise is investments. We run a two prong strategy which include a core portfolio and a speculative liquid alternative strategy.

Fixed Income at CAG

Our fixed income product capabilities include high grade corporate bonds, US treasuries, government agency debt, both domestic and in emerging markets. We provide our clients with access to may asset classes across the fixed income profile.

Our clients' assets are traded by experienced professionals who focus on specific investments and sectors. These investments cover the global equity and fixed income markets.

CAG's multi-sector bond fund focuses on buying intermediate maturity investment grade corporate bonds. The fund also invests in high yield bonds with improving fundamentals. The fund seeks current income and capital appreciation primarily through investing in the new issue markets.

Equities at CAG

Columbus Advisors Group offers equity investments services for our clients. Our equity professionals apply discipline and research intensive investing while drawing on our resources to make sound decisions. The division of the equity platform between institutional and private client groups offers and advantage to our smaller clients. This provides them with institutional coverage, exposure and execution. We deliver great value to our clients, not only through execution but also through our sound and unique investment process. This includes:

  1. Understanding and seeking global trends in specific stocks, industries and markets
  2. Quantitative screening from both micro and macro outlook
  3. Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  4. Providing Risk/Reward Profile
Our risk control measures are designed to allow the fund to preserve capital while meeting its investment objectives and minimizing volatility.

Who We Serve

At Columbus Advisors Group, we are driven to meet the needs of our clients. With approximately $450 million in capital under management, CAG has fiduciary responsibilities as an investment advisor to institutional and qualified investment buyers across the country. Our clients include: qualified investment buyers, pensions, endowments, high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

The promise of CAG is to keep the needs of our clients first without compromise. Our goal is to provide competitive returns to our clients. Profitability is our number one priority.